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Simplifies Magento 2 deployments and operations front to back

Building Magento 2 webshops takes a lot of time from launching, debugging and deploying process.
That’s why we created a simple orchestrated platform that delivers all the tools you need within a click away.

Made to be 1Clickable and as simple as possible

  • Quick launch wizard
  • 1Click implementation
  • Automatic implementation

3rd Party Module Integration in a Single Click!

  • 1Click commit install
  • Pre-tested modules
  • Automatic deployment

Dedicated Performance Server, Fast & Optimized

  • 1Click DTAP configuration
  • "Zero-downtime" deploy
  • Cloud (Web) IDE

Find Exclusive Agencies and Go Further

  • Selections of agencies
  • Proven track-record
  • Fast delivery

Quick Launcher

3 Steps configuration Magento 2 launcher

Launch your new Magento2 webshop with 3 easy steps. First, you determine the package, then server performance and finally the credentials needed for your Magento 2 admin.

1Click module installation

Install 3rd party modules in 1Click

Install 3rd party modules within a single click. It will commit the module into your designated repository and run the entire deployment process automatically. Simply the best experience.

Deployer runs all the deployment jobs

We transformed what commonly developer needed to execute in codes into a simple graphical user interface. It’s built into our platform to deploy and redeploy updates. You can also rollback and add customize task!

Develop, Staging, Test and Production

Multiple staging environment with ease

Easily create an endless testing environment as needed within a single server or spread across multiple servers. With a separate test environment, you can safely test features before deploying into the production environment.

Built in Shortcut

Shortcut to common Magento 2 commands

These command lines are accessible to Magento 2 developers via a secure shell command. Out shortcut manager will make it easier for “non-developer” and merchant to run commands easily without the fuzz of accessing via ssh.

Cloud IDE

Start new project without setting up local environment

Every stack delivered allows you to create an additional environment. With our test environment, you can safely make and test changes before deploying to the production environment. It’s the perfect way to collaborate and communicate updates to clients.


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