Magento2 Framework as a Service

Magento2 Framework as a Service

The best modules pre-installed,
wrapped in a powerfull theme, only € 695 per month. 

Call us: 085 - 4011 069

Mobile first, the best modules pre-configured, wrapped in a powerfull theme, only € 695 per month. 

Call us: 085 - 4011 069


Framework Overview

Build with open-source Magento2, constructed with the best modules all wrapped in one powerful theme. Especially designed to be "developer first", ensuring maximum flexibility and speed of development. Easy to customize and maintain using a minimum of development resources.


Pixel Perfect

2 years of consistent improvement and strict template work, properly coded for Magento 2.


Optimised Conversion

Optimised UI/UX decissions for an intuitive webshop experience to increase conversion.


Class A SEO Ratings

Our framework is properly configered and reaches Class A ratings with Google.


Always Up-to Date

Peridodic patching to ensure the reliability and security of the webshop.


High Performance

Hosted at AWS Lightsail but you are free to choose your hosting partners. 



Pre-configured with some the best integration partners, to speed up you development.

Magento 2 Framework as a Service



Command Center

Server management platform to manage your webshops. 1-click to start a new webshop and control the framework.


Customisation by your
E-commerce Partner

We have pre-configured the best Magento 2 modules, so you can focus on smart customization. Using our framework reduces your development time up to 80%!


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