StoreFrame Framework

Battle Tested Optimized Magento 2 Framework

We develop our own framework, collections of modules wrapped within a simple theme following Magento 2 best practices for UX and conversion. It’s simply the best way to kick-start your Magento 2 development.


Cut down 80% of initial work normally performed by developers

Clean and Minimal

UX and conversion focused

We use Google UX playbook and independent UX research from Baymard Institute, implemented within Magento 2 limitations. 

Best Practices

Follows Magento 2 best practices

StoreFrame keeps check and follows Magento 2 latest trends as well as implementation. Our Magento 2 with recommended pre-configuration.

Ease to work

Based on the original Luma theme

Our theme is derived from the popular Luma theme. This provides a developer with familiarity, which in-returns speeds up development.

Open source

Inc. popular open source modules

To keep it easy, we also include various modules provided by the community. Emphasizes the strength of working with Magento 2.

Theme and Modules

StoreFrame Framework

Not only we deliver the easiest Magento 2 launcher, but it also comes with a battle-tested framework we put together and perfected over time.

Demo shop
Conversion Focused

Best in class UX based on high conversion practice

Best Practices

Following recommended Magento 2 best practices

High Performance

Class A on Lighthouse Google speed test result

Easy Integration

Partners approved modules are easily interchangeable

SEO Optimized

Bring your webshop to the top of Google ranking


Based on Luma theme, easily extensible

Page layout


  • Banner slider
  • Product carousel
  • Logo carousel
  • Premade static blocks

Page layout

Product grid

  • Column count customizer
  • Delivery estimate
  • Layered navigation
  • Flexbox grid

Page layout

Product detail

  • Product sticky link
  • Delivery estimate
  • Product highlights
  • Quantity dropdown
  • Sale sticker

Page layout


  • One step checkout
  • VAT validation
  • House number field
  • Custom fields




  • Multistep / one step
  • Custom fields
  • EU VAT validation

Seo suite

  • Html & XML sitemap
  • Hreflang tag
  • Metadata

Slick carousel

  • For images and products
  • Adjustable widget parameters
  • Simple and lightweight

Product label

  • Automatic sale sticker
  • Attributes based sticker
  • Adjustable position and layout

Page speed

  • Webp image compilation
  • Minification
  • Boost performance

Delivery estimate

  • Holiday opening and closing
  • Grid and detail page
  • Custom text

Quantity dropdown

  • Custom quantity array
  • Compatible with increment
  • Simple request quote popup

Layered navigation

  • Ajax enabled
  • Infinite scroll or load more
  • Price slider


  • Customize font
  • Change button color
  • Modify page size

Attribute pages

  • Based on product attributes
  • Displayed as a grid or list
  • Include or exclude selections

Transactional email

  • Clean and minimal layout
  • Product picture on sales email
  • Editable via admin

Navigation pro

  • Adjustable layout
  • Add picture or icon and text
  • Multiple interactions

Cache warmer

  • Cron activated
  • Boost page load
  • Customizable

Easy flags

  • Added to language switcher
  • Flag as icon
  • Easy to use


  • GDPR compliance
  • Delete user account
  • Form consents

Product highlights

  • Automatic listings
  • Create highlight pages
  • Boost sale

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