Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 247 support?

We have 10:00 to 17:00 (8 hours) window of support. However we have 247 emergency support incase your server is offline. A response time from the team would be around 1-2 hours from the moment  we receive emergency support request.

However we don't support debugging your Magento2 webshop issues. StoreFrame only deliver server installation and Magento 2 installation, for the rest it's up to the user to maintain their application.

An exception is to Complete plan user as StoreFrame framework is installed and we really would like to ensure that your Magento 2 webshop always perform to it's maximum potential!

Does StoreFrame Framework gets updated?

StoreFrame Framework is maintained regularly for bugs. There is no specific interval, however we often fixed bugs within 2 - 5 business days. Rest assured bugs will be resolved or patched ASAP.

StoreFrame would not update StoreFrame Framework version within your Magento 2 webshop once installed. Bug fixes will be delivered to production or staging environment within a project. Hence it's important to know that an older version of StoreFrame framework might not have all the features of the newer versions.

Can I choose another server provider outside the list?

We are always on the look on reputable cloud server provider in the world. StoreFrame internally support common server provider (Digital Ocean, Linode, Hetzner, Uplcoud, etc)and IAAS (infrastructure as a service such as Google Cloud and AWS) hosting.

If you think we missed a good server provider, please let us know and we will try to connect them to our platform.

Can I use other hosting provider for my production environment?

You can use StoreFrame to develop and collaborate, create multiple environments for your projects.

Yet our command center and deployment tool is configured to work with servers that is pre-configured with StoreFrame.

Our support department only operates with environments started using StoreFrame command center.

What happen if I stop my subscription?

Since we bill you at the start of a new project or server, the amount billed is for 1 month duration. After 1 month billed period has passed, we will disable all of your project access.

Backups and complete removal will be performed within 1 month after the last billing period. Hence you have 1 month after cancellation to reactivate your subscription.

Top 10 Questions

The difference between Command Center and StoreFrame Framework?

Command center maintains your Magento 2 webshops, automating server installations as well as deploying Magento 2 installation.

StoreFrame Framework is a set of theme and collection of modules installed within your Magento 2 webshop. It's only available for Developer+ and Complete plan user.

Why StoreFrame doesn't upgrade Magento2 versions after installed?

We don't upgrade or update your Magento 2 webshops after the first initialisation.

Every Magento 2 we deliver via StoreFrame is open for customization on your behalf and it's paramount as a developer to know that there wouldn't be any unprecedented changes happening. Upgrading to a newer major and minor version might break your Magento 2 webshops, especially if you have customization work.

However we will deliver security patches for free for all users delivered within your staging environment.

Which OS is installed?

StoreFrame provision each server with Ubuntu.

Based on our research, Ubuntu is among the easiest and most used OS among developers. Making it easier for you to debug and customize as needed. 

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