About us

We want to make ecommerce fun and fast. Less complexity. More scale and better performance.

We were tired of expensive projects, with unnecessary custom development that in 90% of the cases is focused on creating the same outcome. So we created a better way to setup, install and manage your ecommerce store.
We are on a MISSION

Are you working months to go live..
Spending thousands of dollars..
and then still fixing endless bugs? 

We were too. So many businesses just accepted the ridiculous delivery times that is normal for developing a best-practice Magento 2 store.
Not anymore. We built StoreFrame to make the end-to-end Magento 2 operation easy and accessible for all businesses.

What makes us different?

We believe in doing things we’re passionate about.

When we’re doing things we don’t want to do, we’re not performing at our best. So our goal is to stick to the stuff we’re passionate about. No taking on work that doesn’t thrill us.
Building features that actually make a difference
Letting employees take active ownership over their work
No burn-out from back-breaking work

Strong relationships are built on communication.

We don’t leave things unsaid. Because unsaid is often just another word for misunderstood. We over-communicate so everyone stays on the same page.
Letting everyone hold the mic
Honest, open communication
Even about the hard things

People first, profits later. Building an environment people like working in.

By honest, we don’t mean harsh. We put kindness and empathy at the centre of our business, so we, our employees and our customers enjoy working together.
Attention for heatlh and happiness at work
Good working conditions
Flexible work hours

Stay fresh. Take action. Keep it useful and valuable.

We are not overthinkers. We believe in action. We want to make things. Fast. We are always focused on innovation and think soberly, so that we spend our time usefully on valuable things.
Keep thinking soberly in the solutions that are needed
Are you aware of the priorities (and separate main and side issues)
Get to implementation and results faster

Be a professional and confident, but stay eager to learn.

As our lord and savior Kendrick Lamar says, sit down and stay humble. We work with true professionals, but we never know everything. We are always looking for new knowledge and are building new networks for this.
Be an active listener
Always try to remain critical and constantly learn
Be open to external sources of knowledge

We are industry experts with a
love for ecommerce

Founder & CTO
Laurentius Judhianto
Aderik Teekman
Bas Janssen
LEAD Developer
StoreFrame HUB
Javier Estupinan
Raoul Oliemuller

Improve your daily routine. Launch your Magento 2 store,
The easy way!

Magento 2
Open Source
1 Click Deployment
Battle-tested Theme
Ultimate Hosting Performance
Low Cost of Ownership
Quick Time to Market
Fraud protection, zero liability.
Fraud protection, zero liability.
No personal guarantee
Cards for your whole team.
Cards for your whole team.