Magento 2 Extensions

We provide you with an overview of Magento 2 extensions that can be very useful to expand your ecommerce store.
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What is a Magento 2 extension?

What are the benefits of a Magento 2 extension?

What is a Magento 2 extension?

A Magento 2 extension is a component that extends the functionality of Magento 2. It can add new features or modify existing ones. Extensions are written in the PHP programming language and can be installed on a Magento 2 instance via the Composer package manager.

What are the benefits of a Magento extension?

Some benefits of Magento 2 extensions are that they can provide additional features and functionality to your Magento 2 website beyond what is available out of the box. In addition, extensions can help improve your website's performance by optimizing code and eliminating redundancies.

Furthermore, they can also help improve your website's security by providing patches and fixes for known vulnerabilities.